I'm still alive

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I'm still alive

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:12 am

Hey girls. Just wanted to you all to know that I am still alive. My husband got me a new desktop for Christmas which is great. Well, it has Vista on it and I have since realized that I cannot run any of my photo programs on it unless I purchase an upgrade. That would be great if they didn't cost around $80-200 a piece. So I am kinda stuck right now. I am using this program called Paint.net, which is free ... but I can;t do a lot of creating with it. So if you all bare with me ... I will figure something out. I am trying to get a downgrade to XP or to be able to use both XP and Vista so I can use the programs. As soon as I figure something out ... you will have something new to play with. Think of this as a little vacation ... we are having warm weather here! Hope you are too!!


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Re: I'm still alive

Post  Anna xx on Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:51 pm

Hey hun
I was starting to wonder where you have been... I guess I presumed u were making something new.. hadnt realised you were having problems with the desktop.
Hope it gets sorted soon

sunny here too.. although not too warm lol

Anna xx

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